Fun Facts

fun facts
  • It's estimated that ketchup is in more than 80 percent of all homes in Canada. Ketchup is easily one of the most used products around the whole world.
  • The number of those little restaurant packets that Heinz makes each year is amazing when you consider this: The population of the entire world is about 6 billion people. Heinz sells 11 BILLION packets of ketchup. That's close to 2 packets for every person on earth.
  • Heinz buys more tomatoes than any other company in the world. In fact, it buys over two million TONNES a year.
  • In 1896 Henry Heinz was inspired by an advertisement he saw for "21 styles of shoes". Using what he considered to be a magic lucky number, Henry came up with the slogan, "57 Varieties", despite the fact that the company offered more than 60 products. Heinz today offers more than 5,700 quality products and is still known for its "57 Varieties".
  • Americans use ketchup on hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries. People in China like to use it on fried chicken, but in Sweden it's used on pasta. In Thailand teens dip potato chips in ketchup, while in Eastern Europe it is a favourite pizza topping.
  • The biggest consumers of ketchup are kids, 6 to 12 years old, followed by teens, 13 to 18 years old.
  • You would think that French-fried potatoes got their name because they originated in France. But that is not the case. French fries were first made by little shops in Belgium. Their popularity spread to nearby France and then to the rest of the world under the misleading name of "French" fries.
  • To pour ketchup more quickly from the bottle, here's a little secret from the folks at Heinz: They say the best spot to tap on the Heinz bottle is the "57" on the neck. All you need to do is apply a firm tap where the bottle narrows, and the ketchup will pour more easily.
  • There's another way to get ketchup out of the bottle more easily. Put a drinking straw down to the bottom of the bottle. The airflow to the bottom from the straw allows the ketchup to pour easily.

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